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When  we first meet with potential lawn and landscape maintenance clients we often get  asked, "Why should they choose Green Horizons Lawn Care over other lawn  maintenance providers?" or " What does your lawn company do different  than the last lawn company we had?"  The answer is pretty simple. WE  CARE!!!    We Care about our EMPLOYEES, We Care About OUR CLIENTS, and   We Care about HOW YOUR LAWN AND LANDSCAPE LOOK. 

           Many times employers make the simple mistake of not investing in their  employees. Now you might be wonder what that has to do with you or the way your property gets maintained? So here it comes. lets start by saying that most likely If you are on the web or out in your  neighborhood looking for a lawn service provider or someone to provide  ground maintenance at your property its normally because 1 of 3 things.  Either  1) you are unhappy with your current lawn maintenance provider   2) you are no longer able to mow your lawn,  or  3) you're tired of  mowing your lawn and you are throwing in the towel.  I would say at  least 8 times out of 10 clients who contact us are unhappy with their  current lawn company and they are looking for someone new. So lets  address those clients. 

              The number one complaint we hear from potential clients who are unhappy  is that "the last lawn guys fly in and out breaking sprinklers and  everything in the mowers path. They never fix them and now our lawn is  dying because they broke our sprinkler and they never repaired it. They  just don't seem to care." You might be wondering why all the lawn  services are going a million miles per hour and the answer is this.  In  the lawn and landscape industry most contractors feel that time is  money. We couldn't agree more time is money, however I believe the way  we see it is WAY different than the way they see it. Other Landscape  contractors see it as the faster we get the lawns done the more money we  make so lets just hurry up and get the job done (breaking sprinklers,  fences, cutting garden hoses, etc. )  While The" Faster we mow a lawn  the more money we make" approach  is true to a point, who's expense is  it at? That's right, you the consumer and your landscape.  

           At Green Horizons Lawn Care that's not how we work. You see we feel  that you and the way your landscape looks is our biggest asset. So  spending a little extra time on your property to make it look great will  eventually  become money to us. We know that if we take just a little  more time paying attention to the little details, that other potential  clients will notice it also and we will gain leads from that.  When we  arrive to service your property our team of trained uniformed  professionals know exactly whats needs to be done to keep your lawn and  landscape looking its best and they know what the best methods are to  make that happen. Properly training our employees how to do something  the right way speeds up our service time. Some people call us quick, we  like to call it efficient because we make sure to do it without  sacrificing quality to your lawn or landscape.  

             Our attention to detail is unmatched and our employees are trained that  if you see a problem with someone's property that we are maintaining to  either fix it or report it if it's something that needs additional  attention. With every service we do a visual inspection as we service  your property to look for any signs of damage caused by chinch bugs,  fungus, dry spots, etc, and our techs know to alert the consumer and  tell them of the proper steps to take before it gets out of control.   Our lawn techs also make sure to mow properties at different angles to  prevent rutting. Most companies will not take the time to do this  because they don't care or don't have the knowledge. its more about  getting in and out as fast as possible.  

            Did you know that many lawn maintenance contractors will take money  from their employees for breaking something as simple as a sprinkler?  Why would the employee want to tell the boss that they broke a  sprinkler? You're right, they don't which is why you end up with broken  sprinklers that don't get fixed resulting in a dying lawn. It's sad but  unfortunately true.  At Green Horizons we understand accidents happen  and we don't feel punishing our employees for something so simple to fix  is right way to treat them. Instead we train all our employees how to  repair them and we carry replacement sprinklers and fittings on our  trucks because we know its bound to happen and we like to have the tools  to fix it when it does happen.  

          We know the value that our employees bring our company and we feel  rewarding them is better than punishing them. We like to give our  employees bonuses for simply things like when we get new accounts or  customer compliments.  Rewarding them for doing great work gives them a  reason to do great work. They know when they show they care and do great  work that the whole team wins and when we have a winning team you have a  winning landscape because WE CARE!!!